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Firman Generators

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FIRMAN 1002 Generator Cover

Firman Generator Prices

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Refurbished Firman Generators

This is a refurbished firman 1201 parallel kit 50-amp. It includes two 1201 generators each. the firman 3200w running 4000w peak dual fuel inverter generator is designed to generate power for your home or office. It features a running power capacity of up to 4000 wattage and a peak power capacity of up to 12 volts. The firman 3200w running 4000w peak dual fuel inverter generator is designed to operate at a normal 115 degree fahrenheit temperature. this h07552-75009400w refurbished firman dual fuel generator electric start is brand new and has been crushed limited edition. It is a great addition to your engine! this product is a t07571- 75009400w firman tri fuel generator electric start - refurbished.